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Sunday, March 28, 2010

reflecting Easter glory

Easter is almost here, and I don't feel ready.  My girls and I are still trying to find the right outfit and shoes and accessories and I still have to buy the ham and plan the dinner.  I haven't got the malted milk candy eggs or chocolate bunnies for the Easter baskets.  And I've only got a week before the  big day.

If you're thinking that these things aren't necessary, you're right.  They are extras.

The only necessary thing is a clear fact -- Jesus is risen from the dead.  Without any other accouterment, that makes a glorious Easter.

I don't know what the women wore to the tomb on the first Easter -- it probably wasn't new; there was nothing to celebrate (at least, that's what they thought).  But perspective changes everything.  An empty grave and angels can do a lot for a woman's frame of mind!  And they believed.  Despite the skeptiscism of the men and the incredibility of the story, they held onto the truth. 

Today, women still believe.  We build our lives on the claims of Jesus Christ and share our news with those who doubt us.  We celebrate the hope we have because of Him and let His Easter glory radiate in our everyday lives. 

I hope you have a new dress for Easter Sunday--it's befitting a daughter of the Heavenly Father to dress up for this special celebration, His victory celebration through the resurrection of His Son.  And I hope you reflect Him in whatever you're doing this week, even filling Easter baskets with candy eggs.  It's all about Him anyway.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a beauty book to study

Today, the UPS driver delivered 3 boxes to my door. Reflecting Beauty is in print and available!  I am grateful to God for this blessing and hope that my journey of discovery in this study will resonate with other Christian women.

I have always been concerned with "why."  Much of my writing has sought to answer the "why" of some aspect of life.  This book is no different.  Beauty attracts us; beauty has power -- why?  Who made it that way?

The issue of beauty is part of life. The soul and gaze of humanity is attuned to beauty and that's how it was created to be by God.  Beauty defines the essence of womanhood; it is in her very soul -not the self-serving, lecherous kind but the good, gentle, luminescent kind.  Women everywhere desire beauty -- why?  Because they're innately vain?  Sinful?  Frivolous?  That's not what the Bible says.

In trying to answer the "why," I was amazed at the pearls of truth nestled in God's Word.  There are stories of women who struggled and who found the answers.  There are tales of beautiful women who honored God.  There is beauty advice.  There are principles every woman can apply to her life.  And, there is the portait of a Heavenly Father who created His daughters to be a reflection of His majesty and who celebrates their special individual beauty as they offer it to Him for His glory.
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