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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This week has been one that I wish could be changed. Monday, August 27, was my children's 1st day of school for the year. After breakfast at The Dutch House with another mom from my church, I was heading into my day of grocery shopping. While making a quick stop for a drink at a gas station, I scraped against the concrete piling holding up the gas tanks and severely damaged the right lower side of the door on our minivan. Talk about feeling sick all over.

Then yesterday, I picked up my kids at school and had to make another quick stop at the grocery store. I pulled into my parking space...had not even turned off the motor, when the lady parked beside me backed out an at angle and scraped the OTHER side of my minivan. I was in shock. This could not happen 2 days in a row. But I guess it did.

Well, to say I am having trouble getting over this is an understatement. So I give you fair warning that my blog may suffer until I regain my verbal equilibrium. I shall try to recover posthaste. (I just love that word -- it sounds so literary:-)

Until then, join me in more careful driving habits. And, as my daddy always told me,"watch the other guy."

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A few more pics of our trip to TN

Stewart, the fisherman.

Stewart and his cousin Josh.

Some of the girl cousins soaking their feet in the lake.

The ones who started it all -- Vinton and Helen Quesenberry.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pics from the Quesenberry Family Reunion

We had a nice time with my husband's family in Tennessee. We grilled chicken by the lake on Thursday, talked, played games. The cousins had fun hanging out together -- at least, my girls did. Stewart spent most of Thursday evening with a fishing pole in his hand. He is so "little boy" and I love it (except for the stained jeans :-)

On Friday, we took an "easy" hike in the Smokies -- Southern girls don't sweat -- but I sure was "glistening!" (My leg muscles are still sore -- can you say "out of shape?" Anyway, after we returned down the mountain safe and sound, we had hamburgers and hot dogs at the picnic area in Cades' Cove, then drove around the loop road watching for deer, bears, and other such wildlife, and then returned to my husband's brother's home for the evening. All in all, it was good -- family is a treasure -- and we are blessed.

Duane, me, and our 4 children.

Some of the Quesenberry Clan on the Tremont Trail hike.

Cousins Jessica and Ashley (my 12-year-old).

My Kaley (in red) and cousin Joanna feeding the ducks at the lake.

Autumn, Jessica, and Ashley -- at the lake.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Smokies

This week, we are going to East Tennessee to a family reunion. My husband's family -- the Quesenberry clan -- has dispersed so much that it has now become necessary to have an established time to meet, rather than rely on holidays. So, we will be in the country of the Great Smoky Mountains for a few days.

Though I was raised in the middle part of Tennessee, I do love to visit the mountains in the eastern part. It is comforting to here the familiar soft-Southern vowels and homey phrases that represent the state that I called home until I left for college. Whether it is actual fact or merely pleasant fantasy, life seems less threatening, more welcoming in the mountains. I suppose that is why so many folks go there for vacations and retreats, making the Smokies the most visited National Park in America.

I'm glad that Heaven is a home. You know, of all the words we could use to describe that glorious place, HOME is the most welcoming. This is a place that is more "home-like" than even Mom's kitchen. It is the ultimate home. And Jesus is there to show us the way. Why should I be afraid? I'm going to my Father's house. That's how John describes it in chapter 14. I don't know what will be there exactly, but I have faith that I will LOVE it. And that thought warms me inside even more than a trip to the homey beauty of the Smoky Mountains.
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