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May 2017

I'm working on edits to my first novel, well, at least the first one I'm going to submit for publication. It is set in Germany in World War 2 and I'm so excited about the story. After my editing and polishing is done, I will be looking for an agent to start the rounds of publishers. 

February 2012

Well, only a month until the official release of Simply Content! I am so excited about the message of this book: God used my research and writing to speak to me. And I'm still learning more on this topic.

There are a couple other projects "in the mill" right now; one of them is a fiction idea that I hope I can bring to reality. I appreciate your prayers if you think of it. I want any fiction endeavor to be something that gives Him glory and not just to fulfill a deep-seated personal desire.

You'll be hearing more from me as the process continues.  Catch up with me on Facebook in the meantime!

December 2011

Nothing endures but change . . . that bit of wisdom is so true of earthly life. Change brings adjustment, challenge and opportunity. As a pastoral ministry family, we have experienced many changes in the past few weeks. After one door closed, God opened another position for us and we are at a new place of ministry in northeast Ohio. My children are enrolled in a Christian dayschool; so no more homeschool.  I am trying to find some part-time work to help with living expenses and still leave time for writing. My husband is pastor to a wonderful congregation of people and also seeking secondary employment. We are enjoying our new home and friends and trying to settle into the new routine God has given us.

I have some projects in the works right now.  You'll be hearing more about them soon. Sometimes I've been frustrated that it's not possible to just write 24/7.  There is so much living that gets in the way!  But, aside from the unhappy results to my family, I don't think that would be good for me as a writer either. You see, writing comes from living; and blessed is the writer who does not scorn the living from the writing flows.

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  1. Blessings to you in your new ministry! I enjoy your blog and would love to know more about your books. We often do book reviews on our blog, and would love to have some quality books to recommend to our readers!

    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!


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