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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Love is Brilliant

There is something shining about love, more specifically, about romance.  Even little children recognize it. You've seen them giggle delightedly when the bride and groom kiss, turning their little eyes away from the brightness of the moment. The sheer glory of it transcends our senses.

Human love is a wonderful mystery, old as the couple in the Garden; new as a schoolgirl's crush. It ought to be.  After all, it symbolizes the heart of Christ for His church.

Why should a wink, a smile, a brushing of the hand bring such chills of delight?  To be sure, there are physiological explanations, yet the simplest anwer of all is that God created it to be that way.  The romance between a man and a woman has a powerful intensity that always thrill us, and sweetly shocks us with its bold majesty. It is His gift to be treasured and used wisely.

"It will happen for you, in His time."  I told my daughters the other night. "He makes all things beautiful in His time. Someday, it will be your season." 

I may have to turn my eyes from the shining glory of it.
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