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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kittens and Little Girls

My Kaley spends hours holding (and sometimes annoying) our 7 week old kittens. My kids have named them Smoky, Stripe, and Shadow. Before the oldest 3 leave for school, some of them are outside playing with them. And when the van pulls in after school, they can't wait to get out and "see" the kitties. But Kaley has the kittens for playmates all day long. She has pushed them around in a toy truck, carried them in a butterfly net, rolled them over her head, and held them in about every way possible. But, like little girls, kittens were made to cuddle and love. I'm thankful for them both......


  1. Light blue is Kaley's color! I'm sure you have heard that before. She is adorable. This is my favorit time of many fun photo op times. Leaves, pumpkins, apples and the breeze makes me come alive. It looks like you are having a great Fall.

  2. YOur Little Gal is Beautiful & looks like a Sweetie! :-)

  3. Beautiful photos of your little Kaley...You could send them in to a contest and I bet they would win!


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