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Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Snowglobe World

This snowglobe sits on my dresser year round. When I saw it the first time last Christmas in a store, I knew I had to have it. Duane doesn't have a mustache and we don't ski, but that doesn't detract from the magic. To share moments with someone you love, even if only in the imagination, is one of the gifts of the season. In a snowglobe world, the snow always falls and the scene is always picture perfect. In real life, more often it's rain that falls and if you ever get the scene perfect, you better capture it on camera because it will change....soon! So what. I'll indulge in a little purposeful idealism and enjoy the visions of a magical world that is there any time I give the globe a gentle turn. The snow starts to flutter down and anything is possible. At least it seems that way.


  1. It is a wonderful life. Even though we don't live in a snow globe, I realize how special my life is when I remember how most of the world lives. Just being together as a family is becoming rare is so many lives. I feel so blessed.

  2. Who knew you could ski in a skirt? That is an unusual and enchanting find. Thanks for sharing :)


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