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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Reunion in the Airport

Melissa Gresham just sent me these pictures we took Saturday night when we met the guys' flight at Columbus airport. This is the official end of the Philippine saga. (We made it, Melissa!)
Melissa and me -- smilin' cause the men are back!

Duane & Steve -- our weary warriors (though a little goofy from the flight home.)


  1. If your man didn't have a heart for missions I bet he does now after experiencing it first hand. I'm glad you survived being a single parent. It sure isn't God's plan for families long term. Were Duane and Steve buddies before the trip?

  2. Glad your man is home! Is he wide awake in the middle of the night? Travis would be up roaming the house at strange hours after he got back! :)

  3. Yes, Martha, Duane and Steve and Melissa and I knew each other from college days at GBS.

    Jody, uh-huh. One morning he was up at 3:00 am "bright-eyed and bushy-tailed," as they say. He is almost to get back to normal sleep patterns.

  4. I loved the fur-trimmed coat! You looked beautiful for your husband's home-coming!

  5. It looks like everyone survived. I know you are glad things have returned to some form of normal. I enjoyed all of the pictures from Duane's mission trip. Julianna is doing a country report on the Philippines. She might need to use Duane as a resource.


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