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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Are you wondering about me......

I know most of the visitors to my blog do not leave comments. A blog is like a journal that you sow (literally) to the wind. Once in cyberspace, it has a life of its own -- swinging from one screen to another and back again. So I do not know the personal responses that most of you feel after reading my latest post.

If you have frequented my blog lately, you have probably wondered why I have turned "political" on you. I know that the 2 taboo subjects are "religion and politics." I always break the first one; so I thought I would add the second as well!

Seriously, I have never been able to ignore the deep battles of our world. A Reader's Digest article on abuse of women in Third World countries had me so angered I wanted to help. When the catastrophies of 9/11 occurred, I was glued to the radio everywhere -- at home, in the car, trying to sort out on a personal level the magnitude of the event and also trying to kind-of absorb by proxy this horror for the families involved. When Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, whom I only knew from images on the Internet, was accidentally killed by a stingray last year, it knocked the wind out of me. As I learned what a lover of animals he was and what a great dad he was to his kids, I had this sense of mourning that this man who adored God's creation probably died without knowing the Creator, and there was no other chance. My grief made no sense -- but it touched me on a very deep level.

I am not an obsessive NPR or talk-radio person. Most of my dives into the political scene occur when issues of morality and/or faith come into play on the national level. And what I have discovered about the faith and principles of Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee has plunged me into the scene of politics deeper than I have ever been. I have friends who supported other candidates and I am not here to debate that -- frankly, I didn't really ever research them because I was so convinced that Huckabee was the man for the day. Actually, I first heard about him when I saw a clip on a friend's blog where he was answering a question about evolution/creation(before that time, I am not sure I could have listed the Republican candidates for President). When he resolutely stated that he uneqivocably believed that God created the world and quoted the words of Martin Luther, "here I stand, I can do no other" I was incredibly impressed. Here was a man on national news coverage committing political suicide, with a smile on his face, and not one bit ashamed. I began to look at him closer. I read quite a bit about him, favorable and otherwise. I heard what Limbaugh and Hannity said, but I couldn't dismiss him.

As I have delved deeper, this has become like a spiritual battle. I believe his stands for morality and faith make him an especially attractive target. If you believe he is a panderer to opinion and out to get votes however possible, I apologize for offending you. I am simply explaining why I have believed in this fight so strongly.

Huckabee's record is honorable, as I think you will discover if get the facts. Add to his credentials his evangelical faith, and I was sold. He is an articulate speaker, which particularly appeals to me since I love words so much. The deft way in which he dodges the tomahawks of the media always amuses me. His close family and the devotion he has to his wife, whom he almost lost to cancer early in their marriage also impressed me. His years as a pastor helped me identify with him since I too know about living in a parsonage. His willingness to fight for the "common people" reached out to me. His accomplishments while in office seemed very positive to me. Most of all, his unabashed willingness to be labeled a Christian convinced me.

I believe another reason I am drawn to his presidential bid is that, as an evangelical Christian and an extremely conservative one at that, I, like many of you, am used to being sidelined and overlooked. To see someone of faith confront the mainstream and, in direct contrast to their predictions, experience success, was a tremendous triumph. It was a victory by proxy. I think some of Huckabee's appeal is that he is a champion for all of us who have a message we want our society to hear but have never had the gifts or the platform to say it and and say it so well. As I have purposely studied him, I find I really like his other policy views as well, but it was his faith that first captured my attention.

When I decided to step over the edge and put in a favorable word for him on my blog, I knew it was risky. There's a good reason why they say never to discuss politics -- it divides people; it divides friends. I know that many who read my blog would agree with me that we don't want a couple of candidates from another party to win the general election, but there are many viewpoints on who to vote for otherwise. And each of us is entitled to his/her own opinion and vote and the freedom to voice that to others. I respect your choice, and hope you do the same for me.

The clock is winding down alarmingly for Huckabee -- I recognize that. Even those who might have voted for him in the beginning are thinking twice now. His former opponents in the party have endorsed the seemingly inevitable nominee -- he might as well follow suit and get it over with, right? Then, we'll focus on defeating....whoever it turns out to be. I just can't go along with that. If a principle is right when the odds are favorable, it is still right when the odds are terrible. The rhetoric, of course,is that "it is throwing my vote away." In my opinion, a vote for righteousness and morality is never thrown away, win or lose. The man I vote for may not win the election, but I can be proud that I raised my personal voice in what I believed was an honorable way.

Now, if you think Huckabee is dishonest and lacking integrity, you will not agree with my choice, I know. But I hope you can see that my choice is fueled by my convictions and at least, agree with me on those. I do not ask you to vote for someone that you do not believe in. I only ask -- if you are convinced of something, do not be swayed by the voices of others or the polls and negative projections. If Washington or Lincoln or Roosevelt had done that, our country would be in dire straights indeed. But they stood by their convictions and so should we. Right is always right; winning or losing. Make up your own mind and vote accordingly, whether for topdog or underdog.

I hope Huckabee keeps running until the buzzer sounds. I admire his tenacity(and, forgive me, but I would love it if he wins). You don't quit even when they say all is lost and tell you you're tangling with folly -- if you have made promises, you keep them and if you believe you should stand for something, you remain standing. That's what I know about America, and that's a lesson all of us can learn from this 2008 race.

If I offended you by my political view today or in the past, I ask your indulgence. If you think I should stick to family or spiritual matters only, please pardon me. This blog is "My Musings" and this subject is very much a part of my current ruminations. Maybe if you can see that my view of national events is integrated with my faith and personal principles, you will understand why it has so firmly entrenched me. However, this blog will not become a political source. I will branch out in other directions, as always.

I hope you will stay with me as a reader, and especially, as a friend -- because whatever shakes out, we agree on the important things in life -- a relationship with Jesus, a surrendered life, a committment to family, and a love of life and laughter. And, thanks to our Father in heaven, these things will continue as long as He wills, both in this life and in the one to come.


  1. Well said. I warmed to Romney in a manner very similar to how you warmed to Huckabee. I have often thought over the course of the last month that Romney supporters (like me) forgive him all his past political failings simply because we like the man and see how much his wife and children believe in him.

    We simply do not want to believe that he is not genuine. I even took it a step further and talked myself into believing that he is even more conservative than he now appears (i.e. I don't think he really believes in man-made global warming like it appears he does). But I must admit that there is simply no way that I can be sure of any of this. Such is the nature of politics.

  2. Valorie,
    I've really enjoyed your posts and clips about Huckabee. I'm no politician and don't usually get highly involved. But the night before our primaries, I had this strong conviction that I HAD to go vote, as a matter of principle. And, dare I say, I voted for Huckabee. Surely we can all be friends and have different opinions! :>) "A friend loveth at all times!"

  3. You go, girl! I love reading your blog and musings! Keep it up!

  4. Valorie,
    You are right on track there! Whoever said you were doing the wrong thing by speaking up on this issue needs to re-read the Constitution where it talks about "freedom of speech." Remember Luther's words, "Did we in our own strength confide. Our strivings would be losing. Were not the right man on our side. The man of God's own choosing..."

    I am holding on, keeping the faith with you and, YES, I am your friend no matter which way believe. Remember, we GRITS hang together, else "we all shall hang separately," as Ben Franklin so aptly put it. I love you, girl! Love, Jennifer

  5. I was just talking with my husband tonight and reminiscing about my trip to India last year. Our last day there, our medical team sat together and sang, "God Bless America" in our hotel room in Chennai, India. We were unsure what the next day would bring when we arrived at the airport as the military police were threatening to close things and not allow us out. God intervened and we made it home. As we arrived back in Chicago and was going through customs, the man at the desk looked at my ticket stating that I was coming from India, looked at me, and then responded with, "Welcome HOME!" There are many reasons to be thankful that you are an American. Freedom of speech, choice, and worship just to name a few. Love ya too, Karen

  6. Thank you for voicing your views. As a homeschooling mom, I sometimes get too busy to do much reading or listening for myself. I enjoy reading the opinions of those who hold the same values as I do. Keep it up.

  7. There is no need to apologize. You are gracious in all you say, whether it is politics or any other subject. I think it is so refreshing to see someone so passionate about an issue. It is easy in our society to brush off a matter as "not relevant to me." I think that these issues DO make a difference in my life an in the lives of my children. You have stood for right and I am proud of you. GO HUCKABEE! We don't give up just because it looks like we won't win. I am glad we don't look at those odds when we are raising our kids and tons of other issues.

  8. I took the time to read your post today and appreciated it so much. You have stated your opinion in an informative and gracious manner and should never be ashamed of that! It looks as though neither of our guys is going to make it but stranger things have happened! I'm so glad God is in control! And that is one area where we can always agree!

  9. Valorie,I justfound your blog so this is a bit late but I haveto say that you said exactly how I feel about all this. I honestly do not think I can vote for any of the other candidates with a clear conscience. At any rate, I'm so glad I found your blog!!

    Julie Gurnee


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