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Saturday, February 9, 2008

What if Washington had listened.......

A valiant band of supporters struggled against gargantuan odds. Resources were low, chances were slim, propaganda was against them. They had a stolid leader. They had an indominitable spirit. They had a fiery determination in their hearts. They had a steadfast resolve.

The opposing forces were well-trained, well-outfitted. They had a history of dominating the battles they fought. They were self-assured. Their leaders were unconcerned. They knew they had the edge over the grassroots campaign. The outcome was in their pocket.......

Fortunately for all of us, George Washington didn't listen to the hype. From a military standpoint, the war made no sense -- the challengers didn't stand a chance. But the heart has courage that the intellect cannot forge. And, in those early patriots, heart and spirit was all they had. And, in the grace of Providence, it was enough.

The greatest victories follow the harshest battles. The greater the odds, the sweeter the triumph. "Impossible" is not in the vocabulary of the embattled. Better to die on the field of battle than to forfeit the conflict when the cause is right. History pages are crammed with heros who thought so.

Today, you may not be huddled in Valley Forge with frostbitten feet and a ragged uniform, but your spirit may be curled on a pallet of despair. Remember the end of the tale. The audacity of Revolutionary commoners has become the pride of a great nation. Outcomes are not determined by words, but by grit.

Cast your vote, regardless of the talking points. To vote in fear is to vote in weakness. When has it ever been right to let others dissuade you from following your convictions? Stand tall on the political field and turn a deaf ear to the naysayers. Pundits don't speak for America; citizens speak for America. Impossibilites and insurmountable odds have always challenged us, but they have not conquered us. If it is God's Will, all things are possible. And if it is not, a grave on the battle turf is preferrable to a silent tomb of shame. And on such noble beliefs, our great nation has endured.


  1. Valorie,
    Your posting makes me want to go out and vote today! Very inspirational. Leah

  2. Thank You so much for reminding us that we serve a God of miracles. He helped our founding fathers to overcome odds. I happen to believe that He is still able to perform another miracle. Huckabee said that "He did not major in math, but in miracles". I have been disappointed in those that have only been paying attention to the talk shows instead of talking to God about this matter.

  3. God IS in control!!!I do appreciate your comments.


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