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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Because of His resurrection, all the earth rejoices.
We sing songs of praise to You, O Lord.
You are the Victor; Life has triumphed.
Children are like blooms, you know.
Fragile and sweet,
they steady grow.

In my heart are planted four.
Seedlings at birth;
but pledge of more.

Each spring I'm amazed to see
The growth in them;
the loss in me.

Blossoms for my Easter time,
The planting God's;
the tending mine.
-- VQ


  1. What a beautiful family!! God sure does bless us with His best, doesn't He? Hope your Easter was memorable and blessed. Love you all, Karen

  2. Your children all looked lovely....Hope your day was special!

  3. Spring is not my favorite time either, especially since both my children turn a year older in spring, a sign I too am aging. I love the poem you wrote, may have to use some of it in my scrapbook if you don't mind, of course I will site the source.

  4. What a beautiful picture! Liked the poem,too!

  5. Your children are beautiful. Very nice poem and so true! Next to my husband, my children are my most precious posessions!


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