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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Coffee is not just a drink; it’s a lifestyle.

It’s become a chic way to gather with friends. “Having coffee” is not just a cup of joe down at the corner diner; it’s bistro tables, leather chairs, snappy descriptions, and gourmet flavors. It’s latte and cappuccino and iced. It’s specialty shoppes and cozy nooks. It’s sleek carafes and mugs that have “bling.” It’s a culture.

Inviting a friend for coffee is a gesture of friendship, a request for companionship, an offer of intimate conversation. Sitting down to talk over cups of steaming java promotes vulnerability, confidentiality. Sometimes we need to discuss a difficult issue and at other times, we simply want to enjoy a friend’s laughter. At any rate, relationships benefit from coffee time.

Imagine sharing a cup of coffee with Jesus. Think of what a delight it would be to discover His perspective on the perimeters of your life and to enjoy the glow that comes from being wrapped in the presence of one who loves you.

Most of all, He would tell you how much He is working to complete you, to gather up the raveled ends of your daily life and make you look more like Him in your words, attitudes, and actions. He would talk to you about being holy. And holy is….Christlike.

When you and I spend time with Him, we begin to absorb the aroma of Christlikeness. Instead of the stench of self, we radiate the fragrance of obedience and love. And just like our favorite coffee shop, the scent spreads out and blesses those with whom we interact everyday. And God continues His work of conforming us to the image of Christ. Because it’s not the mug, but the essence it holds that gives the aroma. May the fragrance of His likeness grace our lives.


  1. He offers free refills too!! I'll take one...please.

  2. This is so nicely written...refreshing.

  3. What a great post...I like to enjoy a cup of coffee while I read my Bible... guess I get two kinds of "refills" that way!(Have you ever tried "rasberries and cream" coffee?????? It is yummy with french vanilla creamer!)

  4. I believe with all my heart that Jesus loves to fellowship with us. I have been reading in my devotions how much he desires an intimate relationship with his children. I enjoy a cup of tea while I have devotions. By the way, thanks for the beautiful card and tea for my birthday. It was so thoughtful.

  5. I enjoy your articles in the Ladies Companion. Especially your thoughts on decorating. It is also a passion of mine.

    I will Favorite your blog so I can keep in touch.

    Maybe I'll see you at IHC next week. TTYL.


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