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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Thinking about prayer.......

Our Sunday School class is studying a book on prayer by Philip Yancey. We had an intriguing discussion this morning on "Why pray?" Now, I know all the "reasons." Without getting into all the technicalities of it, here are a few of the things that rambled through my mind.
  • We should pray in the context of relationship rather than as completing a formula (prayer is not "how to get things" it's "how to know God.")
  • We have to pray in God's Will (it's always His will to save the lost, strengthen Christians in trials, etc. )
  • Prayer/Intercession will not override another person's free choice (some things happen because another person made a wrong choice. God will help me cope with the results and stay with me through anything, but He will not cancel another's right to choose)


  1. Loved your Fourth of July smilebox! Great photography...Looked like everyone was having fun! You have such a nice family. Good thoughts about prayer...the last point~bet that brought some interesting discussion! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dear Miss Valorie,
    Could you tell Autumn that I got something new on my blog if she wants to see two of our dog's puppies.


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