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Saturday, August 2, 2008

there are no ifs

A friend and I were talking about praying in the will of God. She reminded me that there are some things we pray about that we don't need to. God's nature and His Word tell us that He will be with us, will strengthen us when we need it, will comfort us in our trials. We should be praying for grace to accept what His will is.

A quote from the book The Hiding Place has remained with me. Corrie ten Boom woke up one night and went to get a cup of tea in the kitchen. When she returned to her bed, a piece of shrapnel was laying on her pillow, where her head should have been. She asked her sister, Betsy, "what if....." Her sister said, "There are no ifs in God's World."

What a thought. There are no accidents, no surprises, no near misses. Everything I know about my God tells me He is not capricious. Every day is planned. There is a purpose, an order to our lives. It's something you and I can trust. We just need to seek Him for the grace to live out what He has lovingly and perfectly laid out ahead of us.

"He whose heart is kind beyond all measure gives unto each day what He deems best."
(from the song, Day by Day
Carolina V. Sandell-Boerg)


  1. Beautiful and encouraging thoughts! LOVED all of your pictures...looks like Youth camp was a blast and your vacation fun! You got some great pictures and have a lovely family!

  2. Always enjoy philosophizing with you!! You are my special sister/friend!!

  3. Thanks alot for this! It was very encouraging to be reminded of His constancy. Ever faithful!
    God Bless!


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