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Monday, November 3, 2008

makeover nation

In a nation that reveres the new and hot, it is hardly surprising that the buzzword of the election cycle is change. We are the culture that lauds whatever is the most interesting thing out of the gate, as it were.

Our technology and desire for excellence have created this super-hunger for the most appealing. We care about the packaging. We are driven to the brightest colors, the cutest design, the highest rating.

We want glamour and poise on the screen -- give us news anchors and talk show hosts that have charisma and good looks. We're tired of the old wallpaper in the living room -- call in the extreme home team and give us a new look. The cell phone is "so yesterday" -- give us the latest Iphone or Blackberry. We deserve the latest; the worst thing that can be said about us is that we're "lost in the '90's." Horrors! America detests what is dated and adores what is hot.

The fascination we have with media glitz and makeover hype has carried over now into our electorate. When it comes to our leaders -- give us something different, something smooth, something that makes us feel like the new latte at Starbucks or the new fashions on 5th Avenue -- advanced and tight. We are willing to give character a pass if the bubble wrap is cool.

When America casts its vote tomorrow, I hope we get over the "thing" we have with new and hot, and go for what our gut says -- tried and tested is good if it represents what is right and honorable. Lots of "new" things fail on the market, but the values that made America great are always in good taste.

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