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Friday, September 4, 2009

how cool is that?

I just viewed a news clip about one man who lived"off the grid" for a whole year.  It seems that in that time, he ans his family did not use electicity, a car, or other conveniences as they were trying to lessen their impact on the environment.  He has written a book on their experience (published on recycled paper) and there is a documentary coming out as well.

I applaud his desire to preserve our natural resources, though I probably come at it from a different angle.  The earth is God's --He preserves it until He is finished-- man is the caretaker, the steward as opposed to the earth belongs to the human family and we need to keep it going for our children and grandchildren.  I think it's a matter of honoring a trust rather than responding to panic.  And, as those entrusted with God's world, we have an obligation to care for it in every way possible.

What I found especially interesting was one of the tips he gave for making less impact on the earth -- take a day of rest.  He went on to describe that as not turning things on or purchasing anything--understandably this would cause a family to use less electrical energy and have less "paper" products with which to encumber the earth (most purchased items have paper/plastic wrappings of some kind which add to the garbage load). 

How cool that God had the "day of rest" figured out a long time ago.  From the beginning of the planet, (yep, it did have a definite beginning, no evolutionary process needed) He instituted the work and rest cycle into everything, from vegetation growth to animal habits to human health.  (Exodus 20:11)  And even in the perfect Garden, there presumably was a day of rest, when the first couple took a break from their cartaking responsibilites.  I guess we still need one too, since we have considerably less physical resources than did they.

So, want to save the earth (hmm, well how about be a good steward of it) and give yourself a better chance at a longer life?  Do the "day of rest" thing.  It'll do you good.

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