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Friday, December 4, 2009

where is solitude

At the present, solitude is a luxury to which I am not accustomed.  This season of life is compacted into the frame of homeschool and child-rearing.  It's what God wants of me just now.  I see His imprint. 

Yet, my fingers crave the slick edges of the keyboard and my brain wants to sort out the tangle of experiences and musings that lay just below the surface of daily life, as vital as the circulatory system in the body but unseen beneath the roughened exterior of the routine.

I can no more process life without writing (internally if not on paper) than I can live a day without breathing.  But my children are more important, and if God has directed this path than He will help me discover the ledges of solitude along the way.

Maybe for you, it's not writing, but time to bake or sew or scrapbook or shop or read.  Each of us has a special luxury that, while not required for basic bodily existence, is vital to defining who we are.  As Elisabeth Elliot says, anything can become a sacrifice to Him.  And if we offer it out of surrender to His will for the day, surely it is not insignificant nor wasted in our journey of faith.


  1. Valorie: I hear you, dear one. I experience five hours of solitude a week, when my husband is at a men's Bible study. This is my writing, meditating on the Word, and prayer time. I cherish it.

    Years ago, I homeschooled our children, and had little solitude. Even going potty was accompanied by knocks on the bathroom door and requests through the lock! LOL!

    In looking back, I would not trade that time of nurturing our babes for any amount of solitude or writing time. The seeds we planted in their hearts have grown and flourished, making us grateful to the Lord for the strong oaks of righteousness they've become.

    You are choosing the right path, my dear. May the Lord honor you for your obedience.

    Bless you
    Audience of ONE

  2. Thank you, Jeanette. It is so uplifting to hear from other moms who have "been there;done that" and can see the rewards on the other side. Your words blessed me.

  3. Love the new, beautiful picture of you at the top of your blog...and as always...I love your beautiful thoughts! I also appreciated Mrs. Levellie's comment~~~It encouraged this homeschooling Mommy of three "precious blessings".
    Hope that you are having a wonderful holiday season!!!


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