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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

He loved us from the manger (Day 4)

What was it like for Mary to see the infant eyes of Emmanuel open on the world He came to save?  The One who watched as the universe came into being now stared into the darkness of a winter night. And in that sacred moment, Jehovah God loved us through a baby's gaze. All the love of redemption's plan was in the eyes of a newborn, unfulfilled, yet present.

Thirty-three years later, Jesus looked down from a cross and loved us. Mary was there for both events. She had witnessed Jesus' journey from newborn King to divine sacrifice. And on that day at Golgotha,as she looked into eyes filled with unutterable love, yet clouded with suffering, she must have remembered that night so long ago when she first saw in an infant's countenance the hope of all mankind. Yes, He loved us from the Cross, but He loved us first from the manger.

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