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Sunday, December 25, 2011

too much food; no piano (post 10)

I am overloaded on one hand and bereft on the other. There are more goodies in my kitchen than we can reasonably eat (not that we won't make a valiant effort!)  But there is an empty space in my living room. Soon, there will be a piano there, but as of now, no keyboard is in sight.  Food for the body, but not for the soul.  Now, reknown chefs will disagree, of course.  To them, what feeds the body can also nourish the spirit.  But, for me, this Christmas, I'm missing a piano and no cookie or fudge morsel can substitute.  It makes me realize that ivory, strings and wood can look just as delicious as a baking pan from the oven. And less fattening too!

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