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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wasted bows (post 7)

Tear off the paper, rip off the bow . . get to the present!  That's Christmas - kid style! Or you can be like my grandmother, and your grandmother (and me, now!) and save the bows.  Rarely do I recycle the wrapping paper, but the bows - maybe. Especially with the price of Hallmark these days, being "green" at Christmas could save you some money! 

Yet, when you get right down to it, bows on Christmas packages aren't that terrible a thing to waste.  They're just pretty wrapping, after all. If that's the only thing we waste this Christmas, what a good thing that would be! It is much worse to waste the other "wrappings" of the season, the not unusual-but-so-awesome gifts of good food, good friends, great gifts, great family, etc.  Sure, it would be Christmas without them, but they sure make the whole "package" so much better.  Think I'll make sure to enjoy them this year.

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