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Friday, August 17, 2012

somebody's mama

It's a wonderful thing to be somebody's mama. I know its the best vocation I could have had. To be a mama is to be connected to other lives in a way no one else can ever be. A mama is there, from the very beginning you could say. And, all along the way, she is part of every day life, the good and the bad, whatever comes, mama is there too.

My mama is part of all my childhood memories whether she was actually present in every event or not. I would be influenced in my behavior by her teaching and usually share the experience with her when I got home. She simply was present all the time with me, and still is.

To be a mama makes you tied to someone's life forever. They'll always remember your words, your food and your love. Of course, if you don't have anything good to share in these areas, they'll remember that too! But, when you're a mama, you can never be forgotten. It's a vocation that affects somebody for the rest of  his or her life.

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  1. Valorie, what a nice post. And I love that pic of you and your girls. Really sweet.

    I hope all is well y'all's way. We are starting school tomorrow to get a head start for the days we can't do school when we move to Argentina as soon as we have our Colombian paper work done. I can't believe that 2012 has flown by so fast. Only about 4 months until Christmas. =)



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