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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Fairy-tale Truths

 #1: Regardless of your social status, the King invites you to the palace.

#2 The whole earthly kingdom is sleeping under a curse.

#3 The mirror of the Word does not lie; Jesus is the Fairest of them all.

#4 Like glossy, poisonous apples, all Satan’s offers are deadly.

#5 Because of our self-centeredness, we have become beasts; only the beauty of divine love can transform us.

#6 The Prince fought the dragon and won.

 #7: Only divine Love can awaken us from the spell that sin had over us

#8: The King is looking for a bride for His Son; the call has gone out to the whole kingdom and He has chosen you.

#9: Hateful stepmothers, evil queens and malevolent fairies - all of them are distortions of power, all of them are story reflections of the Wicked One whose capabilities are aimed at the destruction of all that is good and beautiful.

#10 There really is a “happily ever after;” it’s eternity with the Prince in the house of the King.

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