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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A golden moment for Kaley on July 4th

I really enjoy experimenting with photography. And I have a special weakness for sepia tone images. This is a recent one.


  1. Valorie,
    Thanks for posting a comment on our blog. Welcome to the 'blogosphere.' Yes, I do remember you, although you probably remember me a good bit younger than I am now. Maybe I was in high school? Maybe younger? I remember Duane singing in the quartet when I was just starting to go to youth camps... Anyways, in case you don't know, we're actually attending church at Tarrant now- your old stomping grounds. We really think the people there are special. Have a wonderful evening...

  2. What an adorable picture.

    I think I noticed a "typo" on our blog url - doesn't need a the in the url... just is great.

    Take care and have a wonderful Sunday.



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