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Sunday, July 29, 2007

City Shimmer

I have an affinity for city lights. I recall standing in the quiet shadows of the kitchen on the 2nd floor of the GBS Girls' Dorm, reveling in the glowing expanse of Cincinnati at night stretched out before me. While I'm a country girl by "raising," I find that my soul resonates with the glitter of a thousand lights.........the ebony beauty takes my breath away and leaves me pensive and wistful. This is an image taken in my small town, but the intrigue remains.


  1. Hey girl!!! Sooo glad you joined the blogger world! (Whatever that means! =D) I love blogging, it has helped my lonely missionary heart sooo much! =)

    I'll check back often. I too LOVE city lights, especially since we lived in Cinci for 8 years! Such awesome Memories! =)

    Love, Heather in Colombia! =)

  2. Valorie...You have the heart and words of a poet! It is fun to read your blog...Your paper is also inspiring...Keep up the good work! A new blogger pal....


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