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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This week has been one that I wish could be changed. Monday, August 27, was my children's 1st day of school for the year. After breakfast at The Dutch House with another mom from my church, I was heading into my day of grocery shopping. While making a quick stop for a drink at a gas station, I scraped against the concrete piling holding up the gas tanks and severely damaged the right lower side of the door on our minivan. Talk about feeling sick all over.

Then yesterday, I picked up my kids at school and had to make another quick stop at the grocery store. I pulled into my parking space...had not even turned off the motor, when the lady parked beside me backed out an at angle and scraped the OTHER side of my minivan. I was in shock. This could not happen 2 days in a row. But I guess it did.

Well, to say I am having trouble getting over this is an understatement. So I give you fair warning that my blog may suffer until I regain my verbal equilibrium. I shall try to recover posthaste. (I just love that word -- it sounds so literary:-)

Until then, join me in more careful driving habits. And, as my daddy always told me,"watch the other guy."


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