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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Of blogs and trips and Sunday

Just a quick note. I am having "blog block." (something akin to writer's block, but much more serious for the blogging community). Maybe eventually I will get around to posting pics from our Christmas.

For those of you who don't know, Duane is in the Philippines to speak to Filipino pastors at the Shepherd's Institute this coming week. The kids and I are doing our best imitation of Little House on the Prairie with Pa gone on a trip. I tell you that there are few things emptier than a pastor's house on Sunday when the pastor is gone. Sunday dinner was not fun at all. (It's amazing to me how little I feel like cooking when the "man of the house" is gone. Know what I mean?) Anyway, I get to talk to him in the mornings (which is night for him because they are 13 hours ahead of us). He and Pastor Steve Gresham from Auburn, Ohio made the trip together and are staying at the home of David and Christina Black, our Bible Methodist missionaries. Tim Becky Keep and their family have just returned from their furlough in the States. The guys are doing well, although they did experience an earthquake on Sunday afternoon.

It is snowing like crazy where I am and it will soon be time to wake the kids from their nap and get ready for Sunday evening church. Wishing you all a good Sunday and pleasant week.....


  1. Oh, Valorie, how I understand - and Darrell was gone only a few days this week! Can't imagine a long trip . . . I'm ashamed to say that we took advantage of too many dollar menus and ate grilled cheese sandwiches otherwise. We are extra thankful to have him home . . .

  2. I know what you mean. Mark works 24 hours then 48 off so every third day I don't feel much like cooking either. Those are the days we have things like boxed macaroni and cheese, etc. Sundays are especially hard. Hope the time passes quickly for you.

  3. They say that the Mother is what keeps a family going but the joy must come from the Daddy. I'm sure it is bitter sweet for you, knowing that it is a special opportunity for your husband and wanting him home too. I hope the time goes quickly for you. Only do maintenance around the house then curl up with the latest decorating magazine and let the kids watch a movie. My very own prescription for you!!

  4. Dear Valorie, Please don't wait until Duane comes home to eat. I eat like normal when my husband is gone-maybe more. I guess I don't go to quite the trouble of well-rounded meals since the kids don't know the difference. I will have to admit that we do have popcorn and watch movies. He does not leave that much. He was gone 1 night last week at a music conference, and we missed him like crazy.

  5. I feel for you! It is awful to home without the man of the house! I usually fix a pot of soup that we eat on for several days when he's gone! :)

  6. I understand the feeling but Keith, who travels fulltime with a quartete, is gone so much on Sundays that I try to keep the meals "normal" (as if he is there) just on a smaller scale!!!


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