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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Listen to the applause....

I long for vindication.

The powers of the day are so blaring in their disregard for the cause of the just. The rights of tiny human lives are mostly insignificant. The platform of healthy society, marriage between a man and a woman, is an outdated preference of the unenlightened. The desire to protect ourselves and our families, our country from extremists takes a back seat to the new day of tolerance. Trust in a Creator who controls our world taints the credentials of anyone holding to his belief. Ministry experience is seen as an amusing background rather than as valid qualification for future endeavors. A person who stands fast in the conviction that so called "social issues" are the defining principles of life is not taken seriously -- his core beliefs are "out of synch" with the generation.

Expect fairness? No, the thinking powers of our world have been twisted for ages. Hope for victory? Yes, history records the fight of so many -- some who lost, some who won. It was God's call. Who knows His mind? How can a human mind determine the outcome of struggles that are not earthbound alone, but are fought in the principalities beyond our reach, whose effect is felt in celestial domains?

Battle on? Yes, the "good guys" never give up. Not when they're outnumbered; not when they're misrepresented; not when they're discounted; not when they're disparaged. To quit is to admit our cause is not worth the fight. That we cannot do.

I want the day now. I want the prognosticators to sit, stunned by the impossibility that has become reality. I want to hug the esctasy of jubilation deep within my spirit. I want righteousness to win...... And it will. But in God's time. That's why I have to remind myself that my conformity to His plan is even more noble than my efforts to ensure present triumph.

I cannot give up. It is not in my nature. To be beaten is one thing; to abdicate is quite another. As long as I have a checker on the board, I am going to play the game. And there is a queue of souls in that great cloud around us who have done the same and whose applause even now reverberates the eternal chambers. In quietness, you can hear it. Keep going. Never quit.

1 comment:

  1. Valerie,

    I see the conviction you feel for your candidate even if I do not understand it. I want you to know that I did not choose Mitt Romney as my candidate because I thought he was more electable. Mine was a choice driven by conviction as well. I fear the American primary system has failed completely this election cycle.


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