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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Convention Settings and Services

Charlotte Frederick directing the Chapel of the Children.

My alma mater -- GBS Combined Choirs and Symphonic Wind/String Ensemble.

Children's Mass Choir sings on Thursday.

The College Mass Choir in the finale service under the direction of Don Quales.

All the Bible Colleges choirs combined -- the music was absolutely great.

Glimpse of the Patriotic Service on Wednesday.


  1. I missed out again this year! Due to my childrens school activities.

    Maybe next year....My parents attended on Thurs. but they didn't stay for the eve. service. My mother mentioned you husband was a speaker. I don't remember when he was speaking or if they were there long enough to hear him speak?

    TTYL, Lori R.

  2. Wow! Great pictures and comments. We missed being there so much.


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