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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dayton People

Autumn and Kaley on the escalator going down to the main convention floor.

My brother Jim (James)Bender (GBS Alumni Vice-President) serving pizza at the GBS Reception.

My cousin Jonathan Bender, his wife Rachel, and their boys -- Ethan and Scott. Jonathan works at a Cincinnati area hospital as well as assisting in ministry at Loveland Wesleyan Chapel. Rachel is a dedicated home-school mom and an avid scrapbooker --she captures great Kodak moments.

Ashley and friend Emily.

My brother Jim and cousin Joy acting "unconventional" (hah!) while her husband Matt Barnett observes the craziness. Jim is a pastor in Cincinnati; Matt and Joy are song evangelists. I have an awesome family -- when they're sane or otherwise!

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  1. I poppped over to see...I guess great minds think alike! Great post and great pictures. I need to steal some pictures from someone. My camera is naughty.


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