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Friday, August 1, 2008

Vacation FAQs

I have finally upgraded to Picasa. (click on the pic above to enlarge and view) . I documented some of our favorite restaurant stops (my husband said the people in the restaurants would think I was a food editor, snapping pictures of my plate!)

Here are some of the places and the things I ate:

  • White Castle (in Columbus) fast food on the way to the South
  • Jim 'n' Nicks' BBQ (Nashville, TN) -- pulled BBQ pork, onion rings, potato salad, cheese biscuits, sweet tea
  • Bell Buckle Cafe (Bell Buckle, TN) -- fried catfish, fried corn, onion casserole, fried corn bread, sweet tea
  • Dreamland BBQ (Huntsville, AL, known for BBQ ribs) -- BBQ pork, french fries, sweet tea
  • LaRosa's Pizza (Cincinnati, OH) -- garlic cheese bread, antipasta salad, cheese pizza
  • Frisch's Big Boy (Dayton, OH) -- cup of chili, Big Boy, onion rings, Coke
  • Joy's Kitchen (Covington, KY) -- my cousin makes AWEsome Chicken Enchiladas

These places are not ones we have close to us, but are favorites from when we lived in Cincinnati for Bible College and in Alabama for our first pastorate.

Here are a few things to note:

  • shots of the Opryland Hotel in Nashville (we didn't stay but walked around in the conservatory which is a little village in itself)
  • the picture of Duane and me in conservatory (we often went here on dates!)
  • the ceiling of the cafe done in advertising signs
  • the waitress at the cafe carrying several glasses with one hand
  • Pics of my parents' place in TN
  • the pic of Duane and me sitting by the river in Eden Park (where we got engaged!)
  • the Creation Museum (KY) --- great place; highly recommend it!)
  • my husband and kids taking turns in the cockpit of fighter jet (Dayton Air Force Museum)

We had a fantastic time, and logged about 2,000 miles when it was all done!

1 comment:

  1. Bell Buckle, eh? :-) We were just there a couple weeks ago. We weren't hungry, so we missed out on the cafe, but loved the stop.


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