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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

what are they thinking?

I am continually baffled by the thought processes of what we would call the liberal left. My opinion is that the press and the media lean decidedly to the liberal side of the road. My question is: why? Don't they follow their thinking to its logical end? Do they not realize that socialistic, post-modern policies are going to someday shanghai the American dream? Have they never considered that everything good about the plush life they enjoy is possible because America has stood for freedom, equal opportunity, and the value of every life? Do they imagine that a world where narcissistic impulses rule will leave them unscathed at the top? Can they not look down the path and see that they will be trampled by a system that leaves only ruins in its wake?

Consider the issues of:

  1. Abortion/right-to-life If our country continues its downward spiral in its valuing of life, euthanasia could become legal and common. Do these vibrant young reporters ever contemplate that they might suffer a debilitating stroke or car accident and find themselves one of the hapless victims of the system them supported?
  2. Gun control Protecting our freedom begins with our right to defend our homes and families. Do the confident movie starlets never look ahead to a day when a government who controls our guns might also reach out to control our newspapers, our press, and our freedom of speech?
  3. Government managed healthcare and other out-of-control state programs Giving the government access to your private life never results in a stronger country. Are the brash collegians of today ready to have their future children directed by the state in matters of college and career when the programs they've voted for become more intrusive as they are in other places of the world?
  4. Necessity of war Living in freedom is the result of a previous victory in conflict (this applies to everything from the American Revolution to our spiritual freedom won at Calvary) War is inescapable when evil threatens. Do these audacious, peace mongers imagine that they can merely negotiate with explosive-toting terrorists who have a "holy" mandate for battle?
  5. Border security/patriotic traditions and customs America has always welcomed the weary and oppressed. Yet, she has applied the same customs, language, and holidays to all. We are not simply a melting pot; we are a flavor all our own, where peoples from differing lands and backgrounds come together and join in the unique way of life that defines America. We don't have little microcosms of every other country within us; we all simply blend together and become Americans, a breed all our own. Everyone is equal, invited to join; everyone accepts the title as his or her own. Can the younger generation not look past the verbiage and see the dangers of allowing little empires to spring up and gain power? Can they not embrace the American way of life as equal and empowering for all?

I am not a fear-monger. I don't believe all of the country is anti-American. I don't think communism is just a few months away. But I do wonder if those whose voices are heard so loudly by the young people of our generation ever consider what would be the state of America if their pet policies and extreme viewpoints became the law of the land......


  1. hi there

    i live in a country with healthcare and i think it's great! we're quite poor and were really grateful for it when my wife became ill towards the end of her pregnancy.

    i note also (and am glad) that it was an american who helped to negotiate with the explosive-toting terrorists in northern ireland (where i live) - i'm certainly glad that no foreign governments came to bomb ireland, or britain for that matter!

    and isn't new york famous for having little microcosms of other countries within it? i think that's great! i teach languages and really enjoy the diversity of different cultures - i always thought that was one of the great things about america!

    best wishes



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