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Sunday, May 31, 2009

blog revamp

Life is sometimes too complicated . . . . . .so, I'm taking action.

I have removed my decorating blog and opened my pastor's wives blog to general readers (yes, I know there will be non-pastor's wives reading it, but perhaps it will reach more people this way and it will give our sisters in faith a glimpse into what it's really like living in the parsonage!) If you are a pastor's wife, I especially invite you to take a look:

I am revamping my writing blog at as well.

I will keep open the TLC blog as it is a way to keep a web presence for the magazine.

When life gets to disproportionate, something has to go. Reminds me of those lava lamps from the '70's. Remember how those huge green blobs would form and just when it looked ridiculously shaped, part of it would break off and bob away? Consider that a visual for my blogging journey--the "blob" is too big--time to break off in manageable portions!

Keep checking this blog for all things VQ -- thoughts, pics, decorating, writing, etc., (but no lava lamps!)

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