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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Come to Me, Summer

Come to me, summer, with rays of white gold
the warmth of the sun caressing my skin
the long hours of twilight extending my day.

Come to me, summer, with shades blue and green
like waves of the shore 'neath sparkling white sand,
like stripes on the chair by the barbecue grill.

Come to me, summer, with hours of cool treats,
the cold velvet of ice cream churned on the porch,
the tartness of lemonade at the family picnic.

Come to me, summer, with nature's parade,
blackberries picked with delighted young hands,
the fantasia of fireflies on a sweet night in June.

Come to me, summer, with sounds my ears know,
the symphony of crickets by the front porch swing,
the boom of the fireworks on the 4th of July.

Come to me, summer, with happiness and home,
fresh garden goodness gracing the table,
sweet memories made on a family vacation.

Come to me, summer, with days dipped in light,
with barefoot afternoons and watermelon evenings.
The curtain is rising; your moment has come.

Come to me, summer, I can hear the applause.
--Valorie Quesenberry


  1. Beautiful "summer" poem, Valorie! Loved it! :)
    Pretty pics of your family day in Cleveland, too!


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